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Visible Energy Monostrip

The Visible Energy Monostrip is a corded, single Smart Outlet adapter for heavy duty electrical home appliances (up to 20 Amperes). As with other Visible Energy Smart Outlets products, energy usage for the device plugged into its outlet is acquired every 5 minutes and stored for 4 months. A text display shows power and other usage consumption data together with status information. The Monostrip connects through WiFi communication to the home network and Internet.

In-home displays such as the Energy UFO iPhone application provide visual feedback of the electricity consumption and its cost, as determined from data received from connected Monostrips. By providing data to consumers on what electricity is used for, the smart Monostrip assists in energy conservation through increased awareness, behavioral changes and simple automation. In addition to the power usage data and the outlet status, the Monostrip is accessed through the Visible Energy Web Portal and software applications such as the Energy UFO application for the iPhone.

The Monostrip is available in two versions. One for the North American standard of 110-120 volts at a frequency of 60 Hz, with Type B plugs (NEMA 5-15), and one for the European standard of 250 V at frequency of 50 Hz with Type F plugs CEE 7/4 (German "Schuko" 16 A/250 V earthed). The Schuko socket also accepts Europlugs and CEE 7/17 plugs.